Mario Sunshine 64

Mario Sunshine 64

Mario Sunshine 64 is an entertaining game to remember the good old times
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Mario Sunshine 64 is a small and entertaining game brought to you by, it combines the functionality introduced in Super Mario 64, and the ancient (but still amazing) side scroll layout of classic games.

After installation you will be shown a simple window which runs an embedded Flash program, the graphics are nice and their quality can be adjusted to low, medium and high quality, this only determines how smooth are the edges of the graphics shown, in order to reduce jaggy lines.

This Mario character carries a small high pressure water pump on his back, which is used to release a strong stream of water (using space bar) that causes him to raise from the ground and fly, this is useful to avoid falling on traps, lava, or groundless areas.

Just like the original Super Mario 64 game, you will enter the paintings on the walls of the castle to reach new worlds, and attempt to win all the stars on each level, including the famous Red Coins task, where you will need to find all the eight red coins in the level to gain another star.

Unfortunately, it has some down sides, the game runs somewhat slow on some machines due to Flash's sprite overhead, there is not enough music which makes the game boring after an hour, the sound effects are mostly taken from Super Mario 64 and not all of them sound quite right, the sprite graphics (Mario, enemies, etc) are very detailed but also very small which causes the details to go unnoticed.

Jonathan Palencia
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  • Easy to install and uninstall
  • Simple and entertaining


  • Slow game speed on some machines due to Flash's overhead
  • The graphics are too small, and the game tends to turn boring after an hour
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